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Our Story is Our Process





We’re different than the rest.

We create branded apparel and promotional items for businesses and organizations. Lots of companies do this. But no one else has our process or the energy of our people!


Inking our Story

We formed the idea for Think It Then Ink It out of a growing need for full-service, in-house design and fulfillment for branded apparel and promotional items. We developed an amazing web store platform for companies and teams to order from us directly and seamlessly. Our team is built to deliver uncompromising quality to our customers in a simple, timely way. This isn’t a story, it’s who we are.

With modern production equipment and creative design services all conveniently under one roof, we transform your ideas into high-quality t-shirts, casual wear, work wear, team uniforms, customer gifts, promotional giveaways, and much more.

We’re Different and we Think It

We’ve made it as far as we have by putting an incredibly energetic and talented team of people in motion. But we’ve also focused that energy on creating a special experience for our customers. Our company system is designed to help you get the most brand exposure with a customer-facing, relationship-driven process.

We continue to bring the best ideas in promotional marketing and corporate apparel to market by adopting cutting-edge technologies to drive our business and improve our customer experiences. Our web stores are incredible. Our product breadth is beyond imagination. Our screen printing and embroidery facility is shockingly clean. We take pride in our stuff because we know you’ll need us and that’s when we have to perform our best.

Here a graphic explaining our process from start to finish.

Products and Services we Offer

Active Apparel

Branded promotional t-shirts or activewear for every adventure. Proudly display your creative spirit and turn your team into walking billboards. Our high-performance apparel is a great support item for golf outings, outdoor events, and workwear.

Corporate Apparel

Dress up your team with branded corporate apparel. We offer top-notch products to keep your team looking good in and out of the office. Develop a consistent look or let your team choose their look in your personalized company store.

Promotional Items

Standout from the crowd the perfect giveaway or leave behind for your brand. Pens are still the leader in the pack, but take a different path with a customized phone wallet or USB drive for your conference. Stay on top of your customers minds and become memorable today.

Team Stores

Get your team fit for the match with the perfect gear. Our team stores are designed to help you facilitate the purchasing of uniforms or fan apparel for athletes, event staff, or traveling fans. We will guide you through the process and create a customized site just for you.


Put one of our famous customized web stores to work for you. Design your product offering and let your fans choose from a collection of wearables or desktop items that support your organization! Make it a tradition by updating your look every year.

Think It

It’s so hard to cover all the bases we cross every day, but our capabilities can adapt to almost every idea. Truly – if you Think It, we can Ink It. We’re also pretty creative and can give you some unbelievably unique ideas to approach promotional marketing.