corporate apparel




We deliver high-quality uniforms for your team.

When you think of great sports teams or school mascots there is always a consistent image behind them. That’s because image drives our perceptions, emotions, and memories. Think of the most recent shirt you acquired or that logoed polo from your office – these are things that all have an image attached to them.

At Think It Then Ink It, we get it. We aren’t saving the world one sweatshirt at a time, but we sure make it easy for you to look your best at times when image matters. Our process is easy and we have the gear for every situation – workgear, activewear, team t-shirts, hats, outerwear, and fashion-foward business attire.



At Think It Then Ink It, we can provide you with an affordable line of company apparel quickly and easily with our wide range of custom screen printing and embroidery business services. Company apparel with your logo and branding has benefits that can last much longer than any other form of advertising can. Embroidered shirts help generate interest in your organization as your employee wears it out in their community. Whether you just want to improve the look of your office environment or you want to make an impact in your community, we can help you create the exact look you want.

We make it easy to work with us through our online stores that are custom-made for your organization. All of this is so simple that we named ourselves after the idea – think it, then ink it.

We also have a complete in-house production facility that has massive capacity for any project. Our team can complete your project whether it’s t-shirt design, custom screen printing, or clothing embroidery.


Present a Professional Image
Your employees are always a reflection of your organization, whether they are on the clock or off of it. When they are wearing your branding while out in your local community, you want them to look both memorable and professional. That’s why you need to consider business clothing from Think It Then Ink It.

Company Uniforms Improve Productivity
Company uniforms can be a great way to show your business is committed to a consistent customer experience. Having a requirement for business attire is standard in many industries and can be also be a great way to increase teamwork. Think It Then Ink It is committed to helping you deliver high quality uniforms at the right price.

Create A Sense of Unity
Branded apparel gives your team or company a feeling of unity as everyone works together to realize a final goal. Because everyone seems to be dressed similar, there is no pressure to compete with colleagues or teammates. You can also generate quite a buzz with a well-designed branded t-shirt for a corporate event!

Advertise Your Business
With branded corporate or team apparel, everyone becomes a walking advertisement for you. You may be working outside of the office or just grabbing lunch, your company name and logo gets exposure. This type of free advertising is very valuable for your brand recognition.