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We are a production and branding company in the Promotional Products Industry.

We create engaging branded products with our unparalleled in-house capabilities. Our experienced team is our greatest asset! Our passion for doing things right shows in every project we deliver. Let OUR TEAM handle your needs with prompt, courteous customer service and follow-through, no matter the size of your order.

Sales Staff


Kelly Williams

Sales Representative

Reason I Chose Thinkit – I wanted to be part of a growing company that cares about their employees and their customers.

Favorite Movie Character – Wolverine

Favorite Pandora Station – 80’s of course – I do not know what it is called but it is my favorite work out station.


Chuck Chandler

Sales Representative

Favorite Pandora Station – Classic 80’s Rock

Unusual Item on My Desk – 2 speakers & a mousepad that don’t work

Favorite Movie Character – James Bond

think it ink logo

Paul McAleavy

Sales Representative

Favorite Movie Character – Nosferatu or the strangely hot robot in Metropolis

Unusual Item on My Desk – A harubong, look it up!

Favorite Pandora Station – Pandora? NPR!

Support Staff


Maggie Bruner

Order Processing

Favorite Pandora Station – JayZ

Favorite Movie Character – Uncle Buck

Unusual Item on My Desk – Pyramid souvenir from the Luxor


Bri Barrett

Office and Systems Manager

Unusual Item on My Desk – An empty shoebox (for my laptop to sit on)

Favorite Pandora Station – Whatever Chuck puts on

Favorite Movie Character – Peter Pan 


Jamie Weber

Customer Service Representative

Unusual Item on My Desk – Stash of too many tubes of sample chapstick

Favorite Movie Character – Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Favorite Pandora Station – What’s Pandora?


Jesse Greenwood

Customer Service Representative

Favorite Pandora Station – G-Eazy

Unusual Item on My Desk – A picture of my idol: Tim Bruner

Favorite Movie Character – Herb Brooks

Artistic Department


Adam Hollenzer

Creative Director

Random Thought – Could you imagine walking around thoughtless?

Unusual Item on My Desk – I have a desk!?

Favorite Movie Character – Dominic Toretto

Accounting Department

think it ink logo

Eric Ballweg

VP of Finance

Reason I Chose Thinkit – I love the opportunity to help companies come up with new ideas to help brand and market their organizations.

Favorite Movie Character – Iron Man.

Unusual Item on My Desk – A cup of cider


Kim Schiro


Favorite Movie Character – Superman

Unusual Item on My Desk – It would be unusual if I didn’t have my coffee cup on my desk. 🙂

Reason I Chose Thinkit – I chose Thinkit because I really wanted to work with a smaller company that is innovative and growing.

IT Department


Mike Bernhardt


Reason I Chose Thinkit – It was a great opportunity to help Think It become one of the more technologically advanced companies in an industry that is typically behind the times with technology.

Favorite Movie Character – Ricky Vaughn from Major League (not the one from Major League 2)

Unusual Item on My Desk – A clay statue of a hand signing the letter “d” (for dad) made by my son


Kevin Cassata


Reason I Chose Thinkit – Love offering technology solutions to help customers in need of screen printing and promotional products. Any opportunity to create analytics to help customers make better business decisions is also exciting for me.

Unusual Item on My DeskFrozen Playdoh Set – I have to keep the kids busy while I pound out code.

Favorite Movie Character – Andy Dufresne (Shawshank Redemption)


Brandon Renk


Reason I Chose Thinkit – I chose to work at Think It because it was an opportunity to work with trustworthy people who all are very knowledgeable of this industry.

Favorite Movie Character – Hooch from “Turner & Hooch”

Unusual Item on My Desk – Rubix Cube or Silly Putty



Joe Weis

Warehouse Manager

Favorite Pandora Station – Pandora is so passe, I listen to Rock Nation on iHeart radio.

Unusual Item on My Desk – I have a red cowbell on my desk with my wife’s senior pic taped to it

Favorite Movie Character – toss up between Tommy DeVito from Goodfellas (Joe Pesci) and Caractacus Potts from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Dick Van Dyke)


Brandon Kessenich

Screen Print

Favorite Pandora Station – Outlaw Country

Favorite Movie Character – Andy Dufresne (Shawshank Redemption)

Unusual Item on My Desk – A piece of making tape for left chest placement


Tim Bruner


Favorite Pandora Station – Jay Z when I’m doing spreadsheet work – Alt J when I’m grinding

Favorite Movie Character – Jimmy Dugan (A League of their Own)

Unusual Item on My Desk – A flask of, err, water