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Corporate Fulfillment Programs



Corporate Fulfillment and Stocking Programs for your company.

Corporate apparel and promotional product fulfillment programs are designed to provide your company with seamless access to an array of products and clothing specifically made for your brand.

We create logoed apparel and promotional items for corporate teams and stock and label items directly in our warehouse. We design and produce a custom website for you to access your products and directly process and deliver orders specific to a location or store request.

Our stocking program combines our entire line of apparel and promotional product capabilities into a streamlined store. After the initial product rollout, our fulfillment center continually updates quantities and sizes to maintain a complete stocked line-up of items in your store.



Our corporate fulfillment program has grown into a major business competency for Think it Then ink it. There are many versions of corporate stocking or pre-sale programs, but what makes our programs different is our willingness to adapt and customize a program to meet your needs. We are developing stocking programs for small businesses in the Madison area and for large, multi-state companies looking for a single source product supplier.

Stocking Programs

Stocking programs feature company logo decorated apparel and promotional products specific to your business and directly for sale or distribution to your employees or customers. Think of it like a company store. Our sales team works directly with you to determine specific items and initial setup for your store. We will determine stocking volume and whether a pre-purchased or a la carte fulfillment program is right for you.

We have different options to set-up a corporate store including pre-buying items or pay-as-you-go. No matter how you decide to configure your store, you’ll still get the same benefits of  the program.


  • Fast turnaround on stock items
  • Inventory updates and low-inventory warnings
  • No minimum order
  • Corporate apparel and promotional items
  • Embroidery and screen printing applications
  • Easy to add, update, or discontinue products
  • Multiple store and brand line options


Our internal program coordinator and sales representative will help to communicate program and store details to your employees and clients. Each of our programs is unique and we utilize specific software to accomplish program success. Products are housed directly on-site in our facility in Verona, WI and as an order is received we will pick, pack, and ship directly via FedEx or UPS.

If you have a fulfillment or stocking program need, contact our corporate program team directly at


Present a Professional Image
Your employees are always a reflection of your organization, whether they are on the clock or off of it. When they are wearing your branding while out in your local community, you want them to look both memorable and professional. That’s why you need to consider business clothing from Think It Then Ink It.

Company Uniforms Improve Productivity
Company uniforms can be a great way to show your business is committed to a consistent customer experience. Having a requirement for business attire is standard in many industries and can be also be a great way to increase teamwork. Think It Then Ink It is committed to helping you deliver high quality uniforms at the right price.

Create A Sense of Unity
Branded apparel gives your team or company a feeling of unity as everyone works together to realize a final goal. Because everyone seems to be dressed similar, there is no pressure to compete with colleagues or teammates. You can also generate quite a buzz with a well-designed branded t-shirt for a corporate event!

Advertise Your Business
With branded corporate or team apparel, everyone becomes a walking advertisement for you. You may be working outside of the office or just grabbing lunch, your company name and logo gets exposure. This type of free advertising is very valuable for your brand recognition.