Customer Service Still Matters Most For Apparel and Promotion

Both you and your employees work hard, willingly taking on late nights despite the long days. Sometimes when maintaining such a hard work ethic, your business still may not be seeing the kind of results you “should” be seeing. Although work ethic is an important factor in the equation to success, a commonly overlooked factor is customer service. Granted, your sole business focus doesn’t need to be customer service alone. But it most certainly deserves to be on the top of your list. You may not realize that 3 in 5 Americans (59%) would try a new brand or company for a better service experience. One slip up and your business could find this fact out the hard way.

Having better customer service skills doesn’t cost anything extra. It’s about your ability to build and maintain relationships with your customers and business partners. Being more cognizant of the way you treat customers and focusing on their needs will ultimately strengthen your brand. And if you think having good customer service sounds more expensive—have no fear. The best part about shifting your attitude toward customer service is that being the best human you can be is priceless.

People want to work with people. Every customer runs into different situations, whether it be based on certain issues they may be having or simply questions they have about your products or services. Especially in such an automation- saturated era, when a customer needs assistance the last situation they want to be in is dealing with an automated customer support line. After all, competitors LOVE bad customer service. Don’t let them have the upper hand because you couldn’t fix one of the most controllable aspects within your business.

For us at Think it Then ink it, we strive to handle each request from the customer promptly and thoroughly, trying to solve their problems as effectively and efficiently as possible. Our customer service aims to be friendly and build relationships through all personalized interactions. Our goal is to solve problems for our customers before they know they have one. We have a live customer service representative answering all incoming calls Monday through Friday 8am-5pm. By offering different forms of communication for customers who need to contact us such as by call, text, social media, website or email it allows us to be as quick to answer requests as we can. If we are to make a mistake, we’ll be sure to follow up with that customer directly by sending them our deepest apologies and a special gift to be sure they know we are sincere.

Ultimately, no matter how hard you and your employees work, customers drive growth; they fuel companies to success faster than any other factors. Just as important as they are to growth, they can double the rate of downfall with being more likely to share a negative experience than a positive one. Thankfully though, there are customers who go out of their way to praise a product, company, or make a positive statement about their experience with businesses. This is something our company, as we’re sure many other companies are so grateful for.


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