Rebranding? Don’t forget the Company Uniforms!

We’ve talked a lot in the past about the importance of corporate branding through employee apparel programs, but we’ve found that one of the most overlooked items in a re-brand is company uniforms.  When the time comes to launch, you may just think you’ll phase in the new brand over time and not replace polo shirts and pullovers to save a little cash. Be warned – every impression your old brand makes takes away an opportunity for your new brand.

We’ve worked with a lot of businesses in transition and witness first-hand the challenges with branding positions after a new logo launch. We’ve assembled a list of items for a re-branding. It isn’t exhaustive, but it’s a great starting point and will serve as a good reminder for some of the little things. Pens, water bottles, letterhead, business cards, and company shirts can all be logoed and ready for roll-out. It can be the most important and noticeable part of a launch because your employees are the flag-bearers of your brand. Having corporate apparel ready to go can give your launch a lift.

If you’re looking for help with logo or design for a new brand or if you’d like to brainstorm some launch ideas, we’d love to be part of the conversation!

Now, here’s our checklist for re-branding (don’t forget the shirts!)


 Create New Logo – .JPG, .PNG, .AI, & .EPS files
 Create Brand Guidelines if applicable
 Branding Review with existing co-brand opportunities


 Business Cards
 Letterhead
 Envelopes
 Form templates
 Email signature
 Presentation Templates
 Presentation Folders


 Exterior – Building, window decals
 Interior – Displays, awards
 Vehicle Graphics
 Uniforms and Corporate Embroidered Apparel


 Website updates
 Social media – References, headers, affiliations
 Digital Ads
 Newsletter templates


 Show booth display
 Promotional items and leave behinds
 Banners


 Brochures
 Directory/newspaper ads
 Direct mail designs
 Billboards
 Billboards
 Videos



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