Are Promotional Products Still Relevant?

In order for businesses to reach more and more customers they are willing to try many different marketing tactics. They use social media, TV spots, and digital campaigns. However, they often overlook the power of promotional products and custom branded apparel in an overall marketing plan.

Handing out free promotional products can be very powerful for your business because they provide long-tail impression with your customers. Customers use some of the products like hats and can koozies over and over again. Consequently these guaranteed impressions force engagement with your brand. So why are promo products ignored in traditional marketing environments?

Are Promotional Products Still Relevant?

  • Provide Brand Recognition: Brand recognition means that customers can quickly identify your company, remember your logo and match your products with your name. Promotional products help potential customers recognize your business. If the branded merchandise is useful for customers, they actually hold onto it and carry it around with them. For example, if your promotional product is a reusable tote bag, then, people can use this bag to go to the gym, school, shopping and etc. so your brand also goes around with them.
  • Increases Customer Loyalty: Everybody loves receiving free gifts. Especially if it is unexpected or surprisingly useful. A promotional giveaway can give someone a quick reminder of what you do. A pen on the desk or a notepad can be a subconscious reminder for your business. Keep in mind that high quality products can make for positive association, whereas a lower quality product could create a negative impression or a shorter shelf life for the product. Regardless of your choice of products, you can have high quality promotional products to promote your business without spending a ton of money.
  • Works like a Business Card: Promotional products serve the same purpose as business cards. You pass your contact information with a promotional product instead of a business card. But, promotional products are better because customers can actually use them. Another benefit of branded apparel and products is that most customers who receive an item remember the name and logo of the company that give them the product. If you only handout business cards, it won’t have the same affect.


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