May 27, 2016 Week In Review – Think It Then Ink It

Monday, May 23

Ben Greiber Personal Story

Ben Greiber

Growing up I was a big fan of the Milwaukee Brewers and loved seeing their logo change over the years. When it came time for me to place a uniform order for my baseball team (go Madison West!), I became instantly hooked. I always wanted to be unique and stand out from others. I love having a vision that I can use to create custom hats, uniforms, and apparel. Working at Think it Then ink it allows me to see everyone’s vision from start to finish. Here at Think it, we take pride in seeing a customer’s uniforms and apparel in the local paper or magazine because our personal touch and experiences go into all our orders! It’s also a pretty cool to see our finished worked out in the public; as a ref I love seeing our work out in the stands at Waunakee, Edgewood, Mt. Horeb and Verona. ‪#‎mobilemarketing‬‪#‎brewcrew‬!

“The painter has the Universe in his mind and hands.” – Leonardo da Vinci


Tuesday, May 24


athleisure defined

Legging and hoody lovers rejoice, there is a place for you now, and it’s in the dictionary!
Think, search, buy athleisure:


Thursday, May 25

Take another look at our Web Stores.

Think It Team Apparel Web Stores

A new way of shopping online. Make a store for your team or company and stop footing the bill yourself. Take a look at this sample web store. ‪#‎thinkit‬‪#‎lookoutforthecaptain‬


Friday, May 26


Let’s talk about COFFEE NAPS! With the long weekend slowly approaching, some of us may be having trouble pushing through today and statistically speaking about 83% of us across the United States will be reaching for that cup of coffee (possibly second, possibly third). Keeping in mind that caffeine typically takes 30 minutes to take affect, a quick 15-20 minute coffee nap will wake you up clear-headed and at prime caffeine levels! So go forth, take your naps, and seize the day!


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